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David Williams, Michael Schmitt und Quentin Wheeler (Hg.)
The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics.
The Lagacy of Willi Hennig.

(Systematics Association Special Volume Series)
510 S., 19 × 25 cm, Hardback, 74 sw-Abbildungen
Cambridge University Press,  Cambridge 2016
ISBN-10     110711764X
ISBN-13     978 – 1‑107 – 11764‑8
145,51 Euro  |  £ 99.99
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Willi Hennig (1913 – 76), founder of phylogenetic systematics, revolutionised our understanding of the relationships among species and their natural classification. An expert on Diptera and fossil insects, Hennig’s ideas were applicable to all organisms. The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics’ von D. Williams, M. Schmitt und Q. Wheeler weiterlesen