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Neue Reihe: ‘Evolutionary Biology – New Perspectives on its Development’ von Richard G. Delisle


Richard G. Delisle (Ed.)
Evolutionary Biology – New Perspectives on its Development
ISSN: 2524 – 7751

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Evolutionary biology has been a remarkably dynamic area since its foundation. Its true complexity, however, has been concealed in the last 50 years under an assumed opposition between the “Extended Evolutionary Synthesis” and an “Alternative to the Evolutionary Synthesis”. This multidisciplinary book series aims to move beyond the notion that the development of evolutionary biology is structured around a lasting tension between a Darwinian tradition and a non-Darwinian tradition, once dominated by categories like Darwinian Revolution, Eclipse of Darwinism, Evolutionary Synthesis, and Post-Synthetic Developments. Neue Reihe: ‘Evolutionary Biology – New Perspectives on its Development’ von R.G. Delisle weiterlesen

David Williams, Michael Schmitt und Quentin Wheeler (Hg.)
The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics.
The Lagacy of Willi Hennig.

(Systematics Association Special Volume Series)
510 S., 19 × 25 cm, Hardback, 74 sw-Abbildungen
Cambridge University Press,  Cambridge 2016
ISBN-10     110711764X
ISBN-13     978 – 1‑107 – 11764‑8
145,51 Euro  |  £ 99.99
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Willi Hennig (1913 – 76), founder of phylogenetic systematics, revolutionised our understanding of the relationships among species and their natural classification. An expert on Diptera and fossil insects, Hennig’s ideas were applicable to all organisms. The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics’ von D. Williams, M. Schmitt und Q. Wheeler weiterlesen

Frank Zachos
Species Concepts in Biology. Historical Development, Theoretical Foundations and Practical Relevance
XII, 220 S., 15,5 x 23,5 cm, Hardcover, 4 sw-Abbildungen, 1 Farbabbildung
Springer International Publishing, 2016
ISBN     978 – 3‑319 – 44966‑1 (eBook)
ISBN     978 – 3‑319 – 44964‑7 (Hardcover)
107,09 Euro (eBook)
144,44 Euro (Hardcover)
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Frank E. Zachos offers a comprehensive review of one of today’s most important and contentious issues in biology: the species problem. After setting the stage with key background information on the topic, the book provides a brief history of species concepts from antiquity to the Modern Synthesis, followed by a discussion of the ontological status of species with a focus on the individuality thesis and potential means of reconciling it with other philosophical approaches. Species Concepts in Biology’ von F. Zachos weiterlesen